Capitalgro (Pty) Ltd is managed by Capitalgro Asset Management (Pty) Ltd (the Asset Manager), a company formed to asset manage the Capitalgro property portfolio. The Asset Manager’s function is primarily to maximise returns to shareholders through innovation in a dynamic property market. It is responsible to shareholders for achieving projections, and growing the portfolio through the diligent acquisition of high calibre investment property. It is also responsible for liaison with legal advisers, auditors, property valuers and tax experts.

Capitalgro has entered into a strategic partnership with Arch Property Fund and the Amdec Property Group. Amdec’s inclusion as an equal shareholder in the Asset Manager will significantly enhance Capitalgro’s ability to grow its asset base and returns to investors over the medium term. Amdec will assist with capital raising, insight into asset management decisions including acquisitions and growth strategy, unlocking development potential within Capitalgro assets and ensuring a strong acquisition pipeline.

Capitalgro directors have accumulated over half a century of hands-on property asset management experience and have a proven track record of exceeding investor expectations. This is the same team that founded the CBS Property Group in 1994 and managed a growing portfolio of investment properties on behalf of its investors’, leading to a JSE listing in 2005.

CBS was built on integrity, teamwork, innovation, excellence and social responsibility. Its objective was to provide superior capital and earnings growth through an innovative and diverse property investment strategy which proved to be enormously successful. CBS grew to a market capitalization of approximately R2.3 billion before a successful offer was made for the business in 2007 that realized a total return of over 100% to shareholders who held or acquired shares on listing.

Capitalgro does not pay its Executive Directors any fees, salaries, commissions or benefits. Its Executive Directors are remunerated by the Asset Manager.