Within this mixed-use sectional title development, Capitalgro owns 3 retail sections and 202 parking bays.   Built into the cliff face behind it, Tyger Lake is one of the most dominant buildings on the Tyger Falls Waterfront. Its features include a scenic lift, a multi-volume entrance lobby and panoramic views of the waterfront. Secure and managed parking is available for both tenants and casual parkers. Constructed in 2004, the overall 22,000m2 development contains 1,700m2 of office space and a 2,200m2 retail section. Tyger Lakes offers a dynamic environment in which to live, work and play. Capitalgro’s tenants include Asian Asia, Gastao’s and Ton Khoon, whilst a range of A-grade owners and tenants occupy the remaining retail, office and residential components. This property was acquired by Capitalgro in March 2015.

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